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Create a GitHub Application

Note If you are standing up the Iridium UI you can use the values specified in the Form Values section of this page.

If you are using your own app, you will need to substitute the specific Homepage URL and Authorization callback URL for you app.

You can create one by filling out the form here.


Form Values

For the form values enter the following:

  • ApplicationName: Any name you wish. In this example we use "MyIridiumInstance"
  • Homepage URL: http://localhost:4200.
  • Authorization callback URL: http://localhost:4200/callback

Get your Client ID

After the application is created you'll need to create a secret for it.
1. Make sure to capture your "Client ID" value. You'll need while initializing Iridium 2. Generate a secret for your GitHub application by clicking on the "Generate new client secret" button. generate-iridium-github-secret.png

Capture the GitHub Secret

  1. After a secret is created you'll need to capture that value to use with the CLI tool.