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Developing with an IDE


You will need: - Node 18 - Java 17
- Maven 3.8.4 or greater

Known compatible IDEs: - Intellij - Visual Studio Code - Spring Tools Suite

Clone the repository.

$ git clone

cd into the root folder.

$ cd iridium

If you have not already, compile from source.

$ mvn clean package

When Maven has finished successfully, you will see the following.

[INFO] -----------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time:  01:08 min
[INFO] Finished at: 2023-09-11T12:54:42-07:00
[INFO] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Setting up

Use launcher script

Current supported operating systems

  • darwin (OSX) From the root folder of the repo you can execute the following command to open the project in Intellij.
$ ./tools/scripts/

Use Intellij GUI

Iridium is a standard Maven project. Simply go to
File -> Open... then select the top level folder of the iridium project on your computer.

Open with Intellij


In an IDE, Springboot will not find the file in its default directory. To start Iridium on your IDE, copy the file to a recognized location.


To successfully start Iridium on your IDE, run the following command from the top of the iridium directory.

$ cp ./conf/ ./iridium-core-server/src/main/resources

Any changes you make to will need to be updated on both files.

Use Intellij GUI

Initial location of the file:

Initial location of

where to paste the file:

Location of pasted

Run Iridium

Iridium requires Springboot to run on an IDE. If you do not have Springboot in your IDE, download an extension or plugin that adds it as a run configuration.

To run Iridium on your IDE, you will need to run from This can be found in the iridium-core-server directory:

Location of

Certain IDEs use different run configurations. If you are having trouble starting Iridium, see below.

  • Intellij: If Intellij does not automatically recognize as a springboot application, then run as a springboot application.
  • Visual Studio Code: Run as a java application.
  • Spring Tools Suite/Eclipse: Run as a springboot application. Ensure your preferred openJDK instance is not in conflict with the IDE's inbuilt version.